Hand crafted ceramics add elegance and flair to any space. Shop one-of-a-kind ceramics.


Finely curated pieces, low and high, is this “art to wear.” Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, rings, and more… All with components, carefully selected and crafted for the discerning buyer.


A handcrafted sculpture becomes a part of the home, whether whimsical or thought-provoking, whether made of metal, clay, or mixed medium. It’s a special, tangible piece of your art world.


Dress up your space with a hand-crafted furniture piece. Whatever your taste or style, you'll be sure to fall in love with a timeless piece you’ll have for a lifetime!


ArtsiPhartsi’s fine art includes unique wall hangings for every budget; from serious original oils, to prints, or giclées for art aficionados, for both high and low.


Glass captures a texture in almost a liquid form that is loose as well as confined to only an artist’s imagination. The colors could be translucent or opaque, but regardless, a true collector will understand. Visit Artsiphartsi’s collection of glass and enjoy.


Add visual interest to your nest whether indoors or out. Shop metal art, furniture, sculpture, and more at ArtsiPhartsi.

Outdoor Art

From garden sculptures to whimsical birdhouses, there's something for your serene outdoor getaway.


Carefully selected by the owner, the paper on which epistolary intercourse occurs is a dying art. It should be special - words written in cursive conveyed personally on hand made papers or cards. Received in the mail… cherished for years. It’s more than a passion for Carmen, it’s a fetish.